Thank you Glide. Hi from WA

First, thank you for existing and creating this platform @david

Glide has sped up and drastically increased my efficiency and controls via content delivery to mobile devices. Right now I am working on an APP that connects the local community to local businesses. I have incorporated several gamification ideas form @Robert_Petitto’s videos on YouTube and a plethora of functions as Glide has developed. I recently went public to the city and the acceptance from the local population is astounding. Please check it out if you have a moment:

I would love to hear some of the advice from this well experienced group.

My day job is as a Project Manager / Systems Engineer. I tackle Glide APP development in my spare time and one day I will do it full time. 3 kids keep me busy and I spend as much time outdoors or on the mats (Jiu Jitsu) as I can.


Hey !

Happy to hear that you like Glide as much as we all do here. I must also agree that @Robert_Petitto ’s videos are amazing ! (He’s a good ambassador :slight_smile: ) Your app must be a great solution in your local area especially during those tough times.

Welcome on board !


Exactly why we are doing it. Local businesses have been suffering. We are calling it Collaborative Commerce. One of the responses we get from new users, “Wow, I didn’t know most of these businesses existed.”


Very similar situation here…developing a “Guide” app that will highlight local businesses, community resources & news, and we’re also including community history and photo albums. Starting to take advantage of the new webhooks/Integromat functionality