Will Glide limit itself unintentionally

Just an observation based on seeing the links to other people’s apps.

They all seem to be pretty simple names at this point but what about when you have ten million users. Will I need to keep trying app names until I reach “InventoryDisplay34757.glideapps.com” or “concepts4444947678…”

Maybe you need something like InventoryDisplay/User34757/glideapps to allow for such expansion?

Perhaps I just don’t understand how you currently handle it and what I see is all window dressing hiding some large alphanumeric string. Just thought I mention it in case someone overlooked the obvious.

That’s just the nature of game. No different than .com addresses or picking a name for an email address. In several cases though, anybody with a pro account can have a custom domain, so this becomes less of an issue. Otherwise you need to be first with a name or the most innovative and unique.


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