Domain Name and Glide App

I have purchased my domain name through Go Daddy. I have upgraded as a basic user on Glide at this point. Is there anyway I can use the name purchased through Go Daddy and the Glide signature without upgrading to Pro? I don’t mind if the glide signature is a part of the app right now.


Yes 100%. If you are ok with trailing, then you can add anything in front of it (in the Basic plan). If no one else has taken up that name on Glide, you should be able to publish your app to that. Glide does has some string length restrictions (ie., number of characters that can be added before

For completely custom domains, ie. publishing the app directly to your godaddy domain name, you will need to upgrade to Pro plan.

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Thank you! Do you know how many characters are allowed in front of glide app.II or where I can find that information?

As of my test just now, it seems to be 20 characters

Ok, Thank you.

I was working on a new App and recently published as a free App. Glide created a random address that included the word ‘cowardly’ in the prefix to the address.

I just upgraded the App to Basic and also bought a domain name too. But of course the domain points to the original Glide URL. Now I read that it’s possible to customize a new glide app URL… I didn’t know that was possible! Do you do this at the step when it says ‘publish app’… e.g. you replace the prefix with a custom prefix to then hit publish? Lastly, can I modify it now the app has been published?

(I realise I can solve everything by upgrading to Pro and using the domain name I bought, but I’m not ready to do that yet… for now it’s on a basic plan)

Yes, I believe you can change that anytime. I’m not sure how much time it takes to completely migrate things over, but it does work.

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Thanks… interesting. I just made a copy of the app (duplicated) and kept the same sheet. Looks to be identical. So maybe the simplest way is to publish the copy using a custom prefix then change my domain name to point to the copy… shouldn’t be any disadvantages, what do you think?

Yeah I don’t think there should be any disadvantages for that, but the custom domain migration might take a while if I recall right.

In fact I am now at the stage where I hit publish… but I’m concerned it’s going to automatically generate a new random URL prefix… have you ever changed the prefix before hitting publish?

I don’t believe it will, but there is one way to find out :smiley:

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Too temping! Ok, I hit publish and sure enough it generated another random prefix and published the app without giving me any opportunity to edit… no surprise really except from what I read above.

So is this really possible? Has anyone ever nominated a prefix prior to publishing or edited the prefix afterwards? If so, please share how!

I do it all the time, although to be honest I don’t think I’ve done it since we’ve had the option to switch off auto-publish. So maybe that’s changed the behaviour somewhat.

I’d need to have a play around with it.

Oh sounds encouraging. Would you mind taking a look and share how it’s done please?

So if I understand right you just publish a new copy, then Glide generates a new random URL for you, it’s the expected behaviour. As I said above now you can customize it to anything you want and redirect your domain there. What is the problem here?

Ok red face, I just don’t know where to look in order to edit the randomly generated URL. Maybe I just can’t see the option because the App is on a Basic plan?!

Yeah, like the others said, you can change the glide url at any time. Obviously you won’t have a url if the app isn’t published yet, but once you hit publish, then it generates a random name. At that time, you can click on the publish button again and change it to whatever you want. I’ll leave the default if I’m creating a demo app to show something, but all of my main apps have been changed to what I wanted for the url. Just click on Publish and change the url to whatever you want whenever you want.


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Do you have this option when you click “Share” on the top right?

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Oh wow… it works. I really didn’t spot that it was an editable field and Glide would switch to a new prefix… thank you. Sorry I was being very slow.

My 2c is that Glide should put a hint somewhere that highlights this feature…


Great! Hope it helps your case.

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