Upgraded to pro, issues with _glideauthid.go

Hi Folks,

Maybe you can help me with a small problem causing me big headaches.

I upgraded to Pro couple of days ago. My hoster unfortunately only allows the following special chars a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and special characters “.” und “-”, but NOT _ as in _glideauthid.go (the underscore sign). So I cannot register my own domain. Any idea on how to solve this from your side?

The hoster is somewhat big and will certainly not change policies for me.

Thanks for your thoughts and time on this.


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Hi Marco! I think you posted before and haven’t gotten response yet? I would email support directly at this point. Domain setup isn’t straightforward in some cases and Glide team will need to get on the phone with you and work through it. (support@glideapps.com)

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There’s nothing we can do in our side.