Custom Domain and Whitelabeling

Whitelabeling the URL of your app is a great initial step (Glide • Custom Domains), but isn’t “” exposed to a client with the code you add when you have them or their IT staff set up the DNS records? Certainly they’d figure out the platform you’re using from that bit of code.
Is there a way around that? Like a way to make it more generic?
Thank you in advance! Awesome app builder -btw!

That’s one way to look at it… or you could be proud to tell the IT staff that it’s made with Glide :wink:

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If you think Glide is awesome, why are you trying to hide it from your clients? :thinking:

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Seriously? Then why whitelabel at all? Whitelableing it properly would keep the whole “can we do it ourselves but cheaper?” question mostly off the table. I am proud of Glide, but not in that situation.

Well, you could use GlideApp.IO’s IP address. This would break if they ever change it, but presumably, they have a static IP, and it will be more of a pain for them to change it than for you, I think. I could be wrong.

For example, they could have a carousel of IP addresses to split traffic based on heavy usage, etc.


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Yeah, I don’t really get that. When I build an App for a client, I tell them straight up that I’ll be building it with Glide, and I try to tell them as much about Glide as I can. Especially what is and isn’t possible, because I want to be sure that Glide is the correct choice for them, and not start off with any false expectations.

And I don’t start building the App until they’ve signed up for a Glide subscription, and then I build the App in their team. This protects me (financially) and it gives them some peace of mind as they know they have ownership of the App and they aren’t necessarily locked in with me.

As to the “can we do it ourselves but cheaper” discussion, I can’t say I’ve ever had that. But if a client decides they want to do it themselves, that’s fine. I’ll work with somebody else. But then if they wanted to do it themselves, why would they be asking me to build an App for them? :thinking:


This was a big one for me during my programming career.

I program in PL/B. Never heard of it? That’s OK. I am able to program faster and more cheaply than everyone who was programming in C++ and then later, C-Sharp. Yes, it can do GUI. Yes, it can do .NET (what’s .NET?). Often we would have the discussion “why aren’t you using C(variation)”? But then they would see the results, and how quickly we were able to make additions and changes to their project.

Look, in the end, I never understood why people cared what the project was written in. That’s like asking an author, “What word processor will you be using to write my biography?” It is a moot point. “I’ll be using a typewriter,” would have become my stock answer.

One of the things I am trying to accomplish with Glide is to use PL/B to control the back end for reports and other things Glide is not good at.


Yes, I think this could work. If the IP were to change, they could contact me and I could send the code with the new IP. Thank you for your help on this, I really appreciate the tip! -Lynn

From your perspective that makes sense. You straight out build apps for clients.
Based on my experience in my industry, I have developed an app that I hope to sell as a subscription using the MVP scenario. Just trying to address issues before they happen. Look’s like @David_Gabler has a good workaround that I’ll try.
Thanks Lynn