Glide API with custom domain URL?

If someone hosts a pro app on their custom URL, can they get an API URL with their custom URL instead of as shown below:

current API URL starts with:

Desired URL:

How will this impact you ?

Hi, the end-user of the app does not see the URL for the API call.

Are you trying to expose the API to a third party to have access to your App data?

We cannot offer whitelabeling for the API, but I am curious to know why you want it!

You could stand up an intermediate API to hide the fact that you’re calling the Glide API.

I concur with this method. I don’t think I’d want people writing directly to my database without data validation. An intermediary API could do data validation, security checking to make certain they have rights to the API, etc.

You can use integromat or hooddeck will do the job

The Glide API is private, secured by a secret token, so it doesn’t matter if people know the endpoint.

I didn’t mean to imply that Glide is not secure. What I meant was if an app developer gives a 3rd party access to the app API, it possibly needs to be able to turn that off at some point. Going through an intermediary API would allow that (as well as the data validation, which was my main point).

Yes need to expose API to a 3rd party

Need to expose API to a 3rd party, setting up intermediate API might be the solution. Can you ask Jack to do a quick tutorial on how to use Integromate or something like that to do this?

Short answer No

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