Why they add a link in the notification email ? Useless

Hello, well i know I’m rather harsh on the title, but I really don’t understand the meaning of putting a link to open the application directly in the 2fa notification code email, if the customer installs the application on his desktop, when he clicks on this link it opens a new web page and not the application on his desktop. So I dont get it.

I think it should also be able to let people edit the template for this type of notification, because 1 for example we don’t communicate in English, and 2 if we could add a branding it would be easier!

Most people do not sign in from the homescreen.

Maybe it’s device dependent, but my phone presented me with the option to open in the browser or open the installed app directly.


The beauty of Android, eh?


It does have some advantages. :wink:

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Yes, for android he’s a good advantages… but in iOS it’s just openning Safari xD (that’s why i was like wtf is that)… let’s see if they can dev that for iOS too.

But never mind, I think we should edit theses notifications message and templates… we want our template and in French. But I guess (hope?) theses things will come in future.