Bug - "Include button with link to app"

(I don’t want to publish my app details here. )
When sending an email though an action, there is a button, see attached screenshot
The emails sent via this action still however contain an app icon & name at the top of the email, which when clicked take my users to an authorised app. I thought the purpose of this checkable box was to remove this link?

Ya…seems like the linked image was overlooked. @SantiagoPerez

Cheers Robert. I saw a post from @DavidSiegel which I can’t locate, from 2022 I recall, specifically directing that this problem is addressed. As you say, seems they’ve attempted to, but unfortunately not quite succeeded.
Anyone sending messages from an Admin app in a “secret” location is exposing the location of their admin app.

The option to exclude the button has only been available for the past week or so, so it’s quite a new feature. I’m not sure what post from 2022 you would be referring to though.

thanks Jeff. It was a post that presumably led to this change being made. Its not really important. The key thing is, the feature doesn’t work, as the link still exists at the top of the email. Thx.

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If it’s a huge issue, there are other options for sending email.
For example, you could trigger a webhook to Make and then send the email using any one of the many available mail integrations that Make supports. There are also the GMail and MS Outlook Glide integrations. Any of those choices will give you full control over the email content.


thanks Darren that’s useful to know but I’m just wanting what’s provided to work as intended, as it’s much simpler.

The feature is working as intended. You’re able to show or hide the prominent “go to app” button from the email body.

I get where you’re coming from, though. :slight_smile:

If you have an admin app triggering an email notification, for example, you don’t want the recipient to know about the app. You just want them to get the email.

It sounds like we need another option so the email recipient doesn’t know about the source app. It could be another checkbox for hiding the header icon, even?

I’ve passed this thread along to the team for discussion.

In the meantime, if you have a clear idea of how you think this should work, please drop your suggestions in a Feature Requests thread.


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Hi Andy. fyi Santiago has already passed to the engineering team.

For info, clicking a “send email” button which triggers the action from the editor results in an email where the app icon at the top of the resulting email does NOT link to the originating app.

Perhaps this is just a difference in opinion as to what the change was designed to achieve, sounds like you have inside info. In any event, the question is should the change dissuade or prevent the user going to the originating app.
My user perspective is that the latter is far more useful and that there doesn’t need to be another option as this would overcomplicate things IMO. Just needs the app icon at the top not to link to the app URL.
Anyways, I’m currently awaiting a reply to understand the intended course of action.

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