Why my Icon is in email body!

Could someone explain to me why I see the logo (icon) and the description of the site in the header of the email message? I don’t want to see that at all!

Ya…this is the default behavior for app invites as well. Something new they’re trying out for the send email action I’m guessing. @DJP ?

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thank robert you for your answer
but why complicate things? the simplest is to put nothing and if I want an ugly logo in the middle of my mail I will put it myself but no need to inflict it on us

do you think they will remove it quickly?

Probably not quickly, no. Glide considers themselves to be not only no-code but also no-design, giving its audience a way to generate a beautiful end product out of the box. For them to make the icon/label conditional will be something they have to build. Not sure how long it will take them nor if it’s even one of their priorities.

@DJP @Tristan @david ?

This is our default email template for the Send Email action going forward, and there are no plans to remove it at the moment.

@Parabolik your email looks suspiciously like spam – are you sending deceptive emails from your app? That would violate our Terms of Service.

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I think this template is a great addition.

If you want something simple then you should trigger a zap.

Thank @david you for your reply - it’s always nice to have the ceo in person. it’s not typical, nice!

Not that I know of, I haven’t studied your terms of service in detail, but I’m pretty sure that sending an individual, personalized email or sms is not prohibited. Do you agree?

Why do you think I would use an application to send spam? Have you read the content of the generated emails? If this is a concern we need to discuss it.