Removing 'open app' button on the bottom of a custom email

I am sending a confirmation email through glide apps to customers. The body of the email is set using a template column. I see that the email includes a button ‘Open App’ at the bottom. How do I remove this button?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no current way to remove this right? @SantiagoPerez

This is a big problem. For e.g. this email is being sent from an admin app to third parties. Asking folks to open app in that email is extremely misleading and confusing to the recipients. I’m surprised no one else has brought this up before. @ThinhDinh Would I open a ticket for this?

Yes, we should make this configurable.


One option would be to use one of the Email Integrations (Gmail, Outlook) to send the email instead.

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The email integration option can be used in certain cases. But for a custom action where sending the email is part of a whole series of subsequent actions it wouldn’t work. In our case this email is standard and sent out each time a trigger is met. Opening it in the user’s email client breaks that action workflow for us plus creates the opportunity that the user might inadvertently change certain info in the standard email.

I’m not sure about the Outlook integration, but that’s not how the Gmail integration works. It sends an email in the background using the account that’s been configured. So you have total control over the content, and there is no opportunity for the user that triggers the action to modify it - unless you explicitly allow them to.

maybe there is another way to do this. Here is how its setup currently.
@Darren_Murphy is this different from the email integration you are suggesting above?

The final email going out looks like this.

Yes, it’s different.


Yes, the setup would be essentially the same, and you wouldn’t have that button being tagged on the end of the email.

Here is what the Gmail Send Email configuration looks like:


Thankyou. The catch for me is that my app is in the classic version. The Gmail specific integration is not available in the Classic apps, correct?

Yeah, I think the newer integrations are only available for the new Glide Apps.

Hello David

Are you guys planning to make it configurable at some point, and what is the timeline?
Do you plan to integrate SendGrid as well? It is not convenient to send Gmail emails to many people from someone’s Gmail either.


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Just checking if anything changed over here.
I would also need to edit that button functionality, especially when you send a notification and you don’t want the client to see that button.

I believe the button still doesn’t allow customization for the “Send Email” action.

I haven’t tried this trick in an app where I have the "Send Email "action though, so I don’t know if it also removes the button from a “Send Email” mail.

I tried to play with that too, but no luck for me. Whether the flag is on or off, emails still go out with the button for me :frowning:

Yeah, then that seems like we have no control over it for now, and you would have to resort to a Gmail action to remove it.

Still hoping for this option to remove the Open In App button from emails.

Oh, I just changed sending Email from Gmail to Glide email.

Then I encountered this problem. I’ve been looking for a solution for 2 days until I came across this talk. :sob: :sob: