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Seems I’m missing something. When I use the send e-mail features, Glide sends the e-mail, but includes buttons and link to the app that I don’t want. Isn’t there a way to turn that off? I’m wanting to send custom e-mails to my users but they aren’t using the app, we are.


Unfortunately the Send Email action can’t be customized to exclude those details. You may be better off using an integration like Gmail or Outlook to send emails as these wouldn’t include the button/link to the app (unless you craft the email to include them).


Do you have any idea why?

It’s just how Glide has set up the Send Email action (it’s a one size fits all configuration). It is not currently customizable in terms of the layout and links included, so I assume it’s only intended to be used in cases where those items make sense (i.e. link/button to open the app). If a fully customized email is necessary, using one of the email integrations is the way to go.

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The integrations use 1 update per recipient, is this the same for the Glide send email action?

Yes, that’s the same.