Sent Email via glide contains action button

Hi everybody,

I’ve set up an action to send an email to the manager’s employee when he requests a leave.

I’ve used markdown via template to make the email nicer (see attached).

I’m just wondering if anyone managed to add an action button to bring the manager to validate the holidays on the app. Any ideas on how to proceed?

Also not sure why it has this purple colour?
Screenshot 2022-06-23 at 14.31.30

I assume you are using Glide’s native send email button?

I have used custom solutions before to style my email, basically make a HTML template outside and plug fields in with Make before sending it over.

The button below directs the user back to the app. It can be any link I like, in your case it looks like it will be a deep link to the request.


Thanks for your answer.

I’m using the send email action following the submission of a form

I’ll explore indeed the deeplinks to get back to the app. Just need to work on the visual aspect I guess. Do you a page to get such email-newsletter-style template?

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Sure, I was working on those using BeeFree.


Perfect thanks

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