Why Template column only show one lookup column?

Have a look at below screenshot:

Why do I only see one lookup column, while clearly there are multiple of it there? Total Level… ?

Gimana bang?

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Your “Biaya Level 4” column looks like an array. This is what you get when you do a lookup on an entire column, or via a multiple relation. You cannot use arrays in templates.

Maybe the relation that the lookup uses needs to be a single relation?


:point_up_2: Correct. You can’t use a lookup from a MULTIPLE relation in a template column because it becomes an array of values.

Either use a single relation for the lookup or grab a single value from the array using a single value column that points to the array lookup column


Hi @Robert_Petitto, this works well in the dataeditor, but when it comes to display this SV in a component (“title / emphasis” in my case) it’s like the Lookup: it does not appear.

→ Do you have a miracle clue?

[:memo: edit: found the solution: use a “Joined List” !]


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