Cannot use lookup column within if/then/else or template columns?

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I can use a lookup column in the first half (condition) of an if/then/else but not as the resulting value. Likewise, I can’t reference a lookup column as part of a template column.

In the GIF below, I have a relation with a lookup (InsuranceLookup). InsuranceLookup column is unavailable. It’s also unavailable as a component in the layout editor. Is this a known limitation?

This “bug” only occurs when the lookup relation is matching multiple.

I don’t know if I would consider it a bug. How would you expect it to work if the lookup returned multiple values?

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Right…hence the quotes around “bug” in my followup. At the least, I’d see it working the same in an if-then-else (if it contains/doesn’t contain) just like an array column works for is signed in user.

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I have a single value lookup column and column type=template doesn’t see such lookup column.

The way I am currently working around this is using VLOOKUP within the google sheet - but this is temporary as such sheet shall be visible to end user.

Any idea if or when such bug will be resolved?

If it’s a single value relation -> Lookup, it should be available in a template column. Verify that the relation is NOT “multiple”.

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Thanks Robert, relation was indeed set to multiple.


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Any ideas about how to work around this? I’m trying to filter choices following your youtube tutorial @Robert_Petitto building two exact template columns but my case is a calendar with 3 times to choose so I need my relation to be set to multiple, I’ve managed to filter when an hour is chosen, but filters the whole calendar not the day only. :frowning:

I’m not sure based off your post what you’re trying to accomplish, but it sounds like you might need to first create a template column that joins The date and time if they’re in two separate columns, then do a relation to that value. Tricky though…lots of points of failure, I’ve discovered, when working with dates.

I’m trying to do a booking system where when a date and a time is booked, that date is still available but not that time, through the calendar you get to a choice component where you can select:

  • 9:00
  • 12:00
  • 16:00

I have a ‘Calendar’ sheet where you see the dates, a ‘Bookings’ sheet where form is submitted and a ‘Choice’ sheet where you select hour once inside the date you want.

I have a template column in ‘Bookings’ sheet concatenating the TIME selected and the DATE, and a relation between TIME in ‘Bookings’ and TIME in ‘Choice’, but when I set the relation in ‘Choice’ sheet with ‘Bookings’ sheet to “multiple” in order to create another template column that concatenates TIME and DATE to relate both template columns it’s doesn’t allow me since relation has to be simple :frowning:

I’ve somehow done it in a much easier way, took advantage of the time that glide forces us to have in calendar to book the appointments, it’s not filtered instantly because it depends on the sheet but it’s the best solution I have for now.


I have a booking example in if that helps you at all.