Trying to retrieve a data and use template column

I’m trying to create a template column using a lookup column “NomeDoParceiro” but it´s not showing in the lookup column setup

curiously the lookup column name does not appear in the list to be used in the template replacement field.

BTW, the name of the partner (“NomeDoParceiro” column in Portuguese) is correct.

what am I doing wrong?

That’s because your lookup column is returning an array, and an array can not be used in a template.

If you need a lookup to return a single value via a relation, then that relation must be a single relation.

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I’m not doubt u but how did u know that? I mean, how did u notice it?

I read this link Single Relations | Glide Tutorial - YouTube
I thought it was a single relation

tks for your reply

I could tell by looking at your Lookup column. Even though there is just a single value, it is inside a “bubble”. This tells you that it is an array.

It’s not, because you have the “Match multiple” box checked. This makes it a multiple relation.

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awesomeeeeeeeeee!! Every post one I learn sth new!

Man! Bubble it´s an array!! I thought it was only a cool design! :)))))))

Tk u so much! Live and Learn!

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