Why can't some lookup columns not be referenced in Template Columns?

Hi friends,

Can someone explain why I can’t pull in / reference the data in some Lookup Columns?
If that’s just how it is, is there then a workaround (some other column that can “convert” it to data I can then reference?)

One example of a Lookup Column I can’t pull into a Template Column:
Screenshot 2022-02-02 at 20.43.20

Thanks a bunch!

That column is a lookup based on a multiple relation, so it’s pulling in several rows of data. If you’d like to use a lookup column in a template column, change your relation to a single relation (uncheck the multiple relation box). You may need to add a 2nd relation column if you’re using the Multiple Relation for other purposes in the app.


Aaah! Got it… I initially tried looking for that checkbox in the Lookup Column, but see now that it is to be found in the Relation Column.

Thanks for the QUICK response!

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