Cant use lookup in template column

Hi So I am trying to query a certain bin inside a storage location

The storage location in question called “Finished Product Store”.

I did a query in another table to get the default bin all incoming stock goes to and that bin is called “001”.

On the following table I used a lookup to get the default bin. I then use a combination of the product and bin number to create a key where I increment stock numbers.

But its not allowing me to use the “001” in the template.

I checked and its not set to add multiple.

There is a query in an earlier step to check if the location within the warehouse is checked as default location and I set that to only return one value.

What am I doing wrong?

Your lookup is definitely returning an array. You can tell this by the presence of the “bubble” around the value. If you say that the relation is not a multiple relation, then you’ll have to trace it back a bit. What does the value look like in the table row at the other end of the relation?

Edit: Actually, it’s probably this :point_down:

The result of a query is always the same as that of a multiple relation, even if it only matches a single row. If you want an actual value from the Query result, then you should use a Single Value → First on the Query.


Genius. That work Perfectly!

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