Why Template Column Not Display properly

I have been trying to do date conversion in Glide Table (GT) using necessary columns such split, single value, maths and template. In the final template, I can see I have the data as I wanted, BUT when display in the APP I only get “AMTZ”. See photos…Appreciate any insight. Thanks.

Template looks ok on screen

“Display value in APP is AMTZ”

Can you show how your template column is set up?


Thanks @Jeff_Hager
Below is template column setup

Basically I took the original date did various operations that are needed such as split and put them back. Below is just a few operational columns

That’s really weird. I’m just not seeing how that becomes AMTZ from that template. Would you be able to create a copyable sample app with the same issue, or maybe duplicate your current app and strip it down to just that date part that doesn’t work. I think I’d like to see a copy to see if I can figure out what’s happening. I can understand where the T and Z come from in AMTZ, but I just don’t get the A and M part.

Weird how it comes out, but AM might come from an AM/PM format (stored in a date/time long format I think).

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Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Didn’t think about that. Maybe something gets formatted differently somewhere and all of the single values on the split get thrown off. Maybe instead of Splits and picking out the pieces that way…it might be better to use a series of math columns that pull out each part and then put it back together in a template.

YEAR(date), HOUR(date), etc.


Understood now. Thanks

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