Why is there an anonymous email when a new user registers on the app?

whenever new user register on our app it show id like this greasy-vest-866@anonymous.appuser.io ??how to fix this

and one more issue i am facing that in map which i ahve taken from quickchart.io i mapped correctly it all clumn but it is not showing a blue line graph and i want a blue
plus pink line in my graph

To be clear, as Jeff’s link shows, you’re not enabling the collect real emails option, or your plan does not allow that. This is a security feature.

Next time please keep it to the original topic, posting it to the topic below with some screenshots and give us more details please.

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how to disable this i am not able to find in this documentation

You’ll find it under Settings → Privacy → User Email Addresses

But it can only be changed if you have a Pro app.