Why are anonymous emails showing up?


My App

to buidl expert-elbow-255@anonymous.appuser.io

what is the problem - why is this happening

Why is what happening? The anonymous email? You must have anonymous emails turned on.

how to enable it ?

Hey Timur,

If you go to your settings page which is the tab next to your layout option on top on the right hand side you will see Privacy option. Its under that.

By default in the free account its always anonymous email, if you want real email then you have to either upgrade to pro or explicitly ask the users to enter their email once again after login and store it in your table.

Hope that helps



what should I do to make this one disappear? expert-elbow-255@anonymous.appuser.io ?

Unfortunately you cant ( from what i know ) the user has to register again so that his real email gets captured.

So the user must register on Glide and then log in to my program ?

No, your users do not have to register with glide. They are only using your app, so they only have to register with your app. If you are on a free plan, or a pro plan with the anonymous/virtual emails turned on, then any new user that signs into your app will be assigned a new anonymous email address instead of their real email address. It’s to protect their privacy. Once they have signed in, they are registered to your app. If you do not want your users to have an anonymous email, then you can upgrade pro and turn the anonymous email option off. Any new users that sign in after that change will have their real email shown in the table. Existing user’s would have to have their data deleted and sign in again to get a row with their real email address.