Why im getting this here!

This comes unnecessarily here.what is this.

total number of orders i understand 3
but total no. of users is 1 but showing in the right hand side of the chart as 3 as well as for total number of snacks.

i didnt gave anything in the quantity field.but 3 is coming for all the charts.

Maybe you’re using the wrong thing to display here.

As I understand, stacked charts will “segment” your data and stack it in a horizontal bar.

You have 3 rows here, what the chart component will do is:

  • Look at all 3 rows
  • Segment the rows by “total order by email”, which is the rollup column you’re using for label.

I assume each of your rollup equals 1, that’s why the label “1” has 3 counts.

For example, if you have 2 rows with total order by email = 1, and 1 row with total order by email = 2, then the chart would show:

“1”: 2
“2”: 1

I think you need to restructure your data and use a basic table to display things here, since what I think you want is just a single number, not a stacked chart.