Help with Counting my Order down

Hi there!

I’m still pretty new here so this is probably pretty simple and I just can’t figure it out. I appreciate any help y’all can provide.

I’m making an app to help my coworker to input serial numbers into a giant order of equipment, probably in multiple shipments over like, a week. I’ve put the items from the order in, the model numbers, the category (but that’s not really important) and the total quantity coming in.

This only lets me put in one screenshot so I hope y’all can see:

I’ve got an input section so when he gets an item he can just fill it out of what and where it was going. That was the easy part.

I was able to make the Model number come up when a certain item was entered and make an easy choice of what room it would be in. I was feeling good. Now I want to do some kind of count so that he knows how many he’s input and how many more he’s waiting to do/be delivered. THIS is the extra step that my brain can’t seem to make. I’ve tried a couple of things:

First I tried to make a count, then do the math and use a template column to name it. That was the “this is 1 of 4” of this item. Then it’d be “2 of 4” and so on. Doesn’t work cause I can’t link the item entered with how many of that item was entered before.

Then I tried to go back to the original order and see if I could show how many were left. I was able to figure out how to make it show each time that item was entered, but I can’t get it to count that many times to then subtract that from the total.

Please help me to understand what I’m missing and what I need to do to make this work. I need it to identify the item when entered, then know how many have already been entered to subtract from the total. My brain just doesn’t get it.

Thank you so so much for any assistance!

Hello, I hope this helps. You can use roll up to count the number of items in a column or in a relationship. In this case, I would use:

  1. make a relationship that determines each time they make an entry.
  2. I would create a roll up that tells me how many entries there are for each item.

Hi Dillan,

Thank you for your suggestion! That did it! I needed to see it in the screenshot of how to make it connect. Cause, UGH, I thought it could be a rollup but I couldn’t figure out how to make it just the row and not the entire column. I think I just started to overthink it and lost my mind. I knew it was something super simple.

Thank you tons! Have a beautiful day!

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