Count stuff, but not via the Data Editor


let’s say I have 100 orders in my data base, some are “processing”, some or “finished”.

Is there a way to count the number of “processing” order… without doing complicated work in the data editor?

I am thinking about a counter Component on which I could select my orders table, set up some filters on some columns (more than 1 would be awesome) and it would count how many orders respect the filters.


Something like this, but for orders?

In my Orders Management template, I show # Units by Order Status.

Thanks for you answer @sardamit :slight_smile: no, not like your salary template.

Maybe like your ordre management template but I can’t see anything when I try to preview it.

Let’s say I want to count the number of orders “processing”, how would you count this without counts it via a rollup in the data editor ?

I wish there cas a component allowing to

  1. select a table
  2. apply filters on the table (for exemple, status = processing)
  3. and return the number of items respecting the filters.

does this exist in any way ?

The video on the template page contains preview emails.

The video will give you enough idea about how this information is displayed.

The Salary Benchmarking app does exactly that. Except, it has a predefined table in the form of a sheet these filters apply to.

The preview emails are:

I don’t get it @sardamit , where in your app do you display for exemple le number of order packed ? (apart from your graph).

When i click on Packed, I see 3 orders.
If on the top of this screen I want to write “There are 3 orders packed”, how should I do it without changing anything in the data editor ?

In the sheet used for the tab where you want to display the value, you will need template column with the value of ‘Processed’. Use the template to create a multiple relation to the Orders sheet. Then create a rollup column to count count the number or rows with that status.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager,

what I usually do when I have several conditions to test is

  1. create a IF => THEN => ELSE column for each condition I need to test (one condition could be “processing”, another could be “<100$”)
  2. create a TEMPLATE column combining all these columns
  3. create a last IF => THEN => ELSE column to check what is in my TEMPLATE column
    (for exemple if there is exactly “Processing <100$” in the TEMPLATE column, then I rewrite “Processing <100$”. If not, I write nothin.)
  4. create a ROLL UP count on my final IF => THEN => ELSE column how many “Processing <100$” I have.

It’s not exactly what you are advising but kind of the same data editor nightmare.
I will try your method.

But maybe one day the Count component I am talking about will exist.


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