Filter data of Roll Up Column

Hello! I want to display a Big Numbers component with the number of orders of each user

Is it possible to filter the roll up column by user, or, by order status?

I’ll be great to have 3 different Big Numbers components:

  • Completed Orders
  • Pending Orders
  • Total Orders

In order to do that I have to filter by Status column, as well as filter by user.

Anyone can help me figure out how to do it?


Is this something you want to show on a per user basis?

eg. These Big Numbers will be shown on a screen that summarises the data for a single user?

Hello @Darren_Murphy , exactly, it’ll be for each user. Each user has a column in a separate sheet with the name, email and company name. I’ll filter by company name, because some users share orders (same company, different team member)
Thanks in advance!

One column per user, or one row per user?
I’ll assume that is a typo and you actually have one row per user. If you really have one column per user, then you’ll be wanting to change that - otherwise you’re in for a world of pain :wink:

Anyway, there are a few different ways you could approach this. I’ll describe one way that’s fairly simple. I’ll assume that your orders table has one row per order, and columns that identify both the user the order belongs to, and the order status.

  • Firstly, in your Orders table, create two if-then-else columns as follows:
    – If Status is Completed, then true
    – If Status is Pending, then true
  • Now in your Users table, create a multiple relation column that matches the user identifier (email, UserID, whatever) with the user identifier in your Orders Table
  • Now create 3 rollup columns:
    – The first will take a count of the user identifier through the relation column (this will be your Total)
    – The second will count the number of true values in the first if-then-else (Completed) column
    – The third will count the number of true values in the second if-then-else (Pending) column
  • And those 3 rollup columns can be used for your Big Numbers
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Thanks @Darren_Murphy I’ll try the solution

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