Display a count of records in filtered list

I have a sales ordering app for internal staff to browse and order the company’s product catalogue. As part of the packing and fulfilment process, I want to show orders based on packing status “Packed” V “Not Packed”.
The filtered list is working fine.
I would like to show the packing staff a dynamic record count above the list so if they filter on:
All → shows 100/100 orders
Packed → shows 25/100 orders
To Pack → shows 75/100 orders


Hi @mwza
Your number 100 is meant as a total number of orders or a percentage?
I assume as the total order.
Add one rollup computed column for packed and another for Not Packed. Then use the math column to add the two together.
You can use the template column to set how it is written, for example, P/total order or NP/Total.

It’s not possible if you’re using the standard search bar with an inline list to filter records.

But it is possible if you create your own dynamic filter with a combination of user specific columns, templates and relations.

The key is to use a relation as a source for the inline list that updates dynamically as the user selects filtering options. You can then add a rollup column that does a count of filtered records through that relation.

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Thank you both @Himaladin and @Darren_Murphy for suggestions!

I have created a progress chart based on simple calculations described - packed as % of total orders - which is the same for everyone all the time.

The filter linked “counter” i will need to work on - thanks for suggestions re how to go about.

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