Printing the number of values in a list component

Hey! I am filtering a list and I need to display the number of results filtered. Perhaps someone faced a similar problem.

How are you applying the filtering?
If you’re using a dynamic relation, then you can simply do a rollup through the relation.
If you’re using some other method, then it should still be possible, but I can’t say for sure without understanding how your filtering logic works.

Update: um, or are you just using the built in filter? If that’s the case, I don’t think it’s possible to access a count of filtered results.

Hey! Thanks for the answer!
I store the filter values for each owner in the owner row.

I then bind the stored values, with the sheet filtering:

That’s good. That should make it easy to set up. What I would do is move the logic you have for your filter into the table itself with one or more IF columns that do pretty much the same thing. What you ultimately want is an IF column that returns true when it meets all of the filter requirements. Then you can simply filter your inline list by that single column. What this will also allow you to do is create a Rollup column in your user table that will count all of the true values in your list table. Then you can display that rollup count on the screen.