How to create a count of filtered values?

I hope I can ask this the right way. I have columns that describe different values, and I have created filters for different users to see specific rows with specific values. Each row represents a task. For instance, Person 1 sees tasks that have picked Values of X in one column and Y in another column. Person 2 would see tasks that have Values of A and B and Person 3 would see tasks with Values of P and Q.

How could I create a column that would show the number of tasks each person currently has in their filtered list? I can do a Lookup column with filters for Value A and B or X and Y or P and Q, but I can’t assign that column to be rollup or some other computing column. What would be the best way to create a counter that I could then place on each persons task list so that they could see how many tasks they currently have assigned?

Would each person be able to filter their own list, or the “filter” is your assignment to them?

Would the “filter” always be on some specific columns? Do you have a dummy sample of your data?

The filter would assign the task to them based off of the values in the row.

I did figure out a process to do this…I created an If-Then-Else column that was the reverse of the in list filters, so that each row that did not meet the parameters was labeled false, and the rows that met the parameters were labeled true. Then I did a Rollup column that counted all of the true rows for each task filter.

Would a query column be quicker for your use case? It would still require a rollup at the end.