How to count items in Split Text column?

Hi! How can I calculate the number of items in a Split Text column? Thanks!

Unless you have a relation on top of that and can use a rollup column, you can’t count it.

How could I go about putting it in a relationship if it’s inside the same table?

Can you explain in more details what you are trying to do and what is your setup here? You can still create relations within the same table, to be clear.

I have multiple image columns for the purpose of creating a carousel. Each column is sequential “Image 1”, “Image 2”, etc. The user has the option to upload a max of six images for a post. I want to create a column that counts the number of images in that carousel, which technically is a Split Text column. Hope this makes sense. Thank you!

So I assume this is a Glide table and you have 6 separate image columns joined into a template and then split into an array with a Split Text column?

Probably not the cleanest solution, but you may want to create 6 IF columns that check each image column. If it’s empty, then return 1, else return 0. Then create a math column that adds up all the numbers from the IF columns.


This will do the trick :smiley: thank you!