Counting number by snack name


I’m having a order table which has some column like, order no,snack name, quantity etc.,

If my order is like below

Snack name. Quantity. Order no.

A. 2. 1001
B. 4. 1002
A. 4. 1003
B. 3. 1004

Now I need total no of snacks order per snack name
like below

A - total - 6(2+4)
B - total - 7(3+4)

You’ll need to do a Multiple Relation where the snack names match each other. Then rollup that relation and get the sum of each matching item.

I got the total snack orders per snack name and also how many times it’s ordered for the whole orders.

But I also need to display the snack name count of today only.any idea?

If ordered date is within today, show total, else show nothing. Rollup that column to get data for rows “today”.