How to deal with this


I have a orders to shop tab, which is displaying no.of packets of the snacks as of today date.

If I orders by today,it will display the snack name, quantity which is group by shopname.

My concern is,I’m in the next day,I have none in the orders to tab,but I’m going to add one snack,it’s showing in the orders to shop tab but it’s just adds the previous quantity to it.

If I order the same snack yesterday by quantity 2 packets,it’s just adds that 2 packets to today ordering of the same snack.

Used count of quantity to that quantity values.that why it’s showing like that but how to deal this?

I need to show today quantity in total of that yesterday’s count.

Can anyone help me on this @Darren_Murphy @ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager

It is having questions and answers but I need to solve this problem.

Do you have any screenshots of your setup? Please don’t spam the experts.

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do you have a separate row for each order?

Yes.each orders has its own rows.

i assume you don’t have a relation set for dates, that’s why is writing to the row that you are currently in

What to do for that.i don’t have a date column in one of my can I make a relation?

Only date column in orders table.

I would have to see your app, to give you advice…
in general, when you are making a record of sale, you must put a timestamp and order ID (which can be a row ID), then you can adjust values in these rows (records) by relating to them…
can you post a link to your app or some screenshots?

What’s the password?


Go to orders to shop.
In that If I create the same order again it counts it to that quantity but I need this count in respective of date.

i don’t see the option to add or edit the order

I do has to be do it from another app.

so the problem is in the other app, you are editing/adding orders in wrong row

Have added 4 packets.

Can you explain my problem that I know whether you got my problem or not.

what I understand, is you are adding orders using one app, and displaying orders using another app?

Yes.thats ok.

so the problem is in the app that you are adding orders… not in the one you posted here…
what action are you using to add order?

Hi uzo,

It’s just a dashboard app for me to see the orders coming n based on that I will call them to pack my order daily based.

My concern is it is not showing the daily orders instead the count of orders added.

I need this in the daily based.

Will tell you an example,if i don’t add row owners it just lists all the products if I orders right.

If i add row owners it shows orders based on the row owners column may be email.

In the same way,I want the orders to be daily and the orders should count based on daily.