How to Add (+) order values in a column?

Hello All,
Need a quick help for my Order App…
Suppose I have 2 orders from a customer named “Alice” valued $200 & $300 resp . I have entry of these orders in “ORDER” tab under column ‘Order By’… and I have “Customer” Tab. Now I want to display That customer “ALICE” Purchased 2 items whose total value is “$500”.
For this

  • I made a relation column in “Customer” tab and Matched Customer name with ‘Order by’ name. It gives me two results …
  • and then I use rollup column to count these matches.
  • And then I used lookup column to fetch Order values form “Order” tab. It fetches 2 values.

Now I want to add these values … I tried everything and nothing happened… ANY SUGGESTIONS …


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Hola @Nitesh_Aggarwal,

You can have a roll up that sum both amounts.

I hope this helps.


Thanks A Lot !!! :v:
Yea… earlier sum option is not coming …only count and unique … now its coming … :slight_smile: