How to Sum sales orders of a specific customer

I am trying to figure out how to sum the sales orders of specific customers.

I have everything tracking properly and can see all the sales orders by customers, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do a rollup or sum of just specific customer data.

I imagine i would probably need to create another table to do this. Any help would be great…

do not create more tables, just filter the data… use customer row ID or email… create a relation or IF_ELSE column to separate these orders from others, use rollup column to sum them

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Okay, so I create a relationship column - this then finds all orders related to that user. Then how do I get the sum of that column. Since that would be the Unique id (shown as many times as they have orderd)

Create a Rollup column that uses that relation.

Thank you both.

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