Charts : Numeric data not displayed as intended

What I’m trying to do…
To create two charts to show the following data:

  1. Total Item Count by Date: This chart should illustrate the cumulative count of items as they are added up each day.
  2. Total Amount by Date: This one should display the cumulative total amount as they are added up each day.

As you can see in the charts below, the numerical values on the charts don’t align with the corresponding data in the table. Have I overlooked any details?

Additional Question
For data aggregation, I utilized Query and Rollup columns. Is there a more straightforward method to yield the same results?

Based on what you are selecting and how you have it set up, it looks correct.

1/1 Total of Total_ItemCount is 1
1/2 Total of Total_ItemCount is 6 (3+3)
1/5 Total of Total_ItemCount is 21 (7+7+7)

Likewise for Total Amount

1/5 Total of Total_Amount is 69 (23+23+23)

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@Jeff_Hager Thanks for your quick reply!
Ah, I see what you mean…
How can I accomplish what I want to do - to show only one total data for each day without adding them up if there are multiple entries per day?

I’m not sure how your Rollup and Relation columns are configured, but does it make sense to you that the rollup and relation repeat everything multiple times for each unique day? You need to either da way to filter your data so only one row per day is read, or create a list of unique dates that aren’t repeated, or do some with your Relation and Rollups so they only retrieve information that is relative to the row. Maybe the Item and Amount columns play a role here?

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Hi, @Jeff_Hager, I figured it out by adding more computed columns and filtering the data based on your suggestion. Thanks!

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