Chart issue

Hi i have an app that give me profit calculation for my business, idk why on chart sum all value of monthly profit

I try to explain better, if u see into MENSILE column the number is always the same, and on chart should be 265.65€ instead it sum all MENSILE row and show the 796.95€ anyone now how can i fix it? i have make it with relation column and rollup

it show correctly value on sheet but not on chart into the up, it looklike a sum on the chart.

Here the chart settings

simply X axis “MONTH” and Profit calculated by MATH column into Y axis

What’s the difference between each of your 3 rows? The chart is going to sum everything in that column. Maybe you need to filter your chart to only pull in one specific row?

i filter per month data, yes chart sum the value but i dont know why

Every row is an income or an expense, i add to with a form expense or revenue tha with a relation and rollup i sum the value based on month and with a math column i have the margin resoult

I have the same issue on chart with employee payroll too, i have another form that add a day of work on a sheet the salary is now shown as expected, check the image.

I have different page with column for every employee with different value, i dont know why chart split it

Check on chart bottom, there are 4 pages

The chart will handle the sum, so I don’t think you should need a rollup.

If all 3 rows have the same month of January, then it’s going to add up each row that has the same month. Charts can look at multiple rows of data. Not just one.

The X-axis is what will be used to create each bar (or group) in the chart. The Value will sum the total from all rows that contain the same x-axis group.

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And how i can fix it? i want display monthly profit that is into Math Column

I’m not sure how your app and tables are set up, but you need that math to happen on each row individually. You need to calculate Revenue-Cost-New per row. You are using rollups so it appears that you are doing your math in such a way that you end up with the same result on all rows. I would expect to see different numbers on each row. Either that, or you need to find a way to filter your chart so it only looks at one row per month instead of multiple rows per month.

Maybe i should create a new sheet with math operation right?

Whatever is the easiest and makes the most sense to you. All I can say is that the way you have it set up currently, all values in that column will sum together as long as they have the same x-axis value, which is January.