Maths (sum) column is correct, but is incorrect in the chart

I have 4 categories of sales that I have rolled up, and then added together to sum up total sales. The calculations are correct in the table, however when I draw a chart, the amount is incorrect. It seems to be excluding one of the categories from the total.

Please help with some ideas to correct this. This is my app
The dashboard is where I’m having issues.

I just tried creating an account in your app but as I have not logged any data, my dashboard seems to be empty. Can you send some screenshots on how you’re configuring the rollups and the charts? It sounds to me that your chart limit field is contributing to this.

Hello! Yeah sure.

The total is correct here. But the offal sales which you can see here, are not pulling through.

One is supposed to be 5000 more, the other is supposed to be 52000 more.
This is the case for both components and charts on the dashboard.

I do note though that it seems to be incorrect in the single row data like below

What causes this difference between the table and the single row data?

Interestingly, the other thing I am noting is that there are some issues in the original table. It seems some of the entries don’t have the user email. That would be a proper issue since the email is the row owner.

I need to test this with new data. It probably happened in the many iterations.

Thanx for checking. I will let you know if it persists.

I’ve now uncovered a super challenge. How do I delete data associated with an entry on all tables. I.e. I’ve deleted the flocks to start from scratch, but the other data like sales and losses were not deleted.

How would I delete data in multiple tables at the same time?

Create a query or multiple relation to each of the tables concerned, and use a series of delete row actions through those queries/relations.

Worked perfectly

Much appreciated!

So does this solve your earlier problem?

The earlier problem is sorted. I used this to delete all data and start with new inputs. It turns out the calculations themselves are correct.

Thanx a mil for checking.

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Great to hear!