My radial chart doesn't show the correct data

i has follow some guides, but nothing make sense for me, and i do not know how i fix that and i can’t understand whats happen in my case, please help me xD

What are you expecting to see? It’s totaling all of the numbers that are in the Rollup column, separated by the status.

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i want see the value of total itens of each status

if i had 10 itens of status red, show 10 in red
if i had 12 itens of status green, show 12 in green
and if i had 16 itens of status yellow, show 16 in yellow

in the chart i want show amount of each status

I think the easiest solution is to create a Math column that returns the number ‘1’ on each row. Then use that math column as your value for the chart. That way it will add up all the 1’s for each status.

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this works, but I don’t know how it works, I use the mathematical column with 1 and in the graph I show the correct values, but I want to understand how exactly this works in future cases like this, I know what I should do

Thinking about it more, you don’t even need a math column. Just don’t choose any column for your Value setting in the chart configuration. Leave it blank. Then it will just count rows.

But to explain what was happening…the chart creates separate groups based on the label. In your case, it creates a group for Red, Yellow, and Green. Then for each group it adds all of the numbers that you have as your Values. Using Yellow as an example, you have 3 rows and you had it set up to add 3 + 3 + 3 = 9. By using the math column, now you are adding 1 + 1 + 1 = 3. It’s adding all of those Value numbers together for each group.


in this case, a just set i the label of chart th column that contains kinds of values to show and values of chart i do not need specified any value ?

Yes, I believe if you do that it should work.

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Thats works! For more clearance of my knowledge, every time when i wanted to count amount of some values in charts, i only need specified the status of item and values is contabilished in quantity of itens that have equal values ?

Yes, if you leave Value empty, it will only count the number of items. If you select a column for Value, it will add up the numbers in each row.

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