Re-create "chart" tally on new app

On the old version of the app, it would allow you to tally up the sum of the components to display in the chart like so:

In the new version, there’s no way to automatically add it into the display:

Is there a way to create a sum on screen instead of in the database?

I could create it in the database, but there are a bunch of rows that I don’t want to be included in the tally and I’m not sure it’s possible to exclude them?

What was great about the adding the total on the chart was that it was already filtered for just the profiles I wanted to be included.

I think you would just have to do it in the database. The easiest way would be to create a Query column to mimic any filters you may have, and then do a Rollup on top of that Query.

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OK got it. I’ve never done a query so I’ll try that!

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Should also mention that you should be able to use the query as the source of your chart, so that way you don’t need to duplicate your filter logic twice.

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Yep, we are missing that old chart feature as well. It was much cleaner.

We achieved an alternative “Total” outcome the old school way by setting If-Then-Else columns to zeros and ones based on the cases (filtering) and then a couple of Rollup columns that Sum the values of those If-Then-Else columns. And finally set up a couple of Template columns… Total Registrants: x where x is the value of those Rollup columns.

We display that Template column as the Title field data of our charts. Never used the Query column. Probably would have saved a few steps. Will have to check it out. :grinning:

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we meet again! :sweat_smile: I’ll try the query and see if i can figure it out, the way I needed it done if then else’s weren’t working for me. I def miss some of the old features. I love that they added knew ones, but why take away the ones that were great! :weary:


A while back I created a feature request to enhance the donut chart. Maybe you could add your suggestions in that thread as well.

If Glide’s native chart components are too limited, have you considered QuickChart?

Looks like Glide has applied some slight style changes to their Radial Chart (removing the rounded pie slice edges that I rather liked), adding percentages of total on slice hover, and adding in a separate option to Show Values in Legend. Why not also give us Show Total in Center? :smile:


Can confirm that this style change for Radial went live today.

Here’s a feedback @NoCodeAndy .

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