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Is there any way I can show total items in place of the yellow mark?

I want to use filter by date and only show totals.
I don’t care about any other details.

for example

FROM 01/12/2022 TO 10/12/2022
A = 1000
B = 1250
C = 859
D = 1542

Any idea can help me with this?
Thank you so much


Glide charts are limited and data has to be set up in a certain way. If you don’t have any filters, then it’s going to show a set of bars for each country. Because of that, it won’t show a total.

This is what it’s like with no filters. The legend is only serving as a way to tell you what each color represents.

If you only showed column A, then the legend changes and each color represents a country instead of a column.

To get what you want, you need to restructure your data. There is an emphasis on rows when using glide charts.

Data should look like this:

Which will give you a chart like this:

Glide charts are very particular about how data is fed to them. For that reason, many of us use quickcharts instead. It provides a lot more freedom as far as design, but does require more work to construct the url for the chart. So my only suggestions are to restructure your data like I did above, or use quickcharts. There are several posts on quickcharts if you search the forum.


The latter method is impossible to be, because there is more than one column to rely on
Date - Country - Products (and there are too many products) so it’s very difficult for products to be rowes

Is there a component other than the charts that can be relied upon to show the total based on the filter?

You could probably reproduce the filter within the data (would require a handful of columns, such as single value columns, IF columns, etc), and then create rollup columns based on that filtered data. Then you could display it using a Basic Table component.

Basic Table component you cannot use it with filtering

Why not? If you build the filtering in the table data, and rollup the correct columns, then it will be filtered.

Basically it’s this method below, but just to get to he rolled up values that you can use in a basic table component.


I watched the previous video, but I don’t think it helps me in my application

I came up with an idea, but it seems I made a mistake or the problem is in glide tables!

relation (if - then - else) is not working properly!
can you tell me

The problem with what you have now is that every one of your dates is on or after “from”, so they all pass the first condition.

Do it as follows:

  • If Date is before from, then null (leave empty)
  • If Date is after to, then null (leave empty)
  • Else A

very good. Thank you so much.

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