Who can submit listings

I created a Yelp Style App. It has a form for adding a business listing. But any random person can go to the app and add a listing.
How can I create a rule that only registered users can add a listing.
Please note I want anyone on earth to be able to VIEW the app.
But only registered users to be able to add a listing.

You just need to make the Add option conditional on however you define a registered user.

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Thank you Darren.
I Created a condition where Name and Email must be present before you can submit.
But then when I logged in as the user. Somehow only the email was present. So I had to add the user’s name manually to make it work.
I Promise I will not bug you with a bunch of questions but one more thing.
Question. I notice that the app comes loaded with a sign in Button. In Glide is there such a thing as a Sign up button? How do I add a Sign Up button as a tab or menu item so that users who would like to add a listing can ad their name email and photo. To make sure that users can easily add their name, email and Picture. Sign in to some may imply you already have an account.

Can I assume that your app privacy settings are set to Public with Email? From what you’ve described, that sounds like the case.

It sounds like you’re wanting some sort of on boarding process.
There are lots of ways to do this, but in your case I think it could be kept fairly simple. You might have something like:

  • Firstly, the below assumes that your landing screen is attached to your User Profiles table, and you have it filtered by “email is signed-in user” OR you have Row Owners applied
  • With the above, have a button on the landing page thats labeled “Tap to Register”
  • That button can open an Edit Form, and you can add whatever input components that you need: name, avatar image, etc
  • Once the user submits, the required fields will be present, and you can allow them to add listings

Thank you. I will try this this evening when I get home. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer this question.