Public Login & Company registration

Hi All!

I’m currently working on an app. Business Directory type. I’d like companies to have to register but the public to be able to access the full app without signing in (or at least have the option to sign up at their preference).

Currently I have a company registration form built. What I’d like to do is to force the registration page to pop up and to follow directly to the my own form where companies update their details (webpage, address, social etc).

Is this possible?

I’m thinking you can use user profiles to store logins, then use tab visibility for the “onboarding” experience of company registrations.

So we have 3 situations:

  • Public: See public info, with an optional login button
  • Logged in but hasn’t “registered”: see a tab with entry components to edit their profile row, as each entry will create a new row for new emails.
  • Logged in and has “registered”: see their profile page.

The tab visibility for “registered” condition can be determined by a number column that is incremented by a button after the user has filled in all details for their registration. You can see my example here.

Thanks that seemed to wor perfectly @ThinhDinh. One further question! is it possible to hide a component once a user has logged in? Same app. I’d like to hide the sign in option if they have already done so.

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Yes you can. I think you can do that with the visibility condition “User’s email is not empty”.

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