White Screen when using Column Search in GDE

I see a few “white-screen” related bug reports, but not one (that I can find) for this specific issue.

Occasionally - maybe once or twice a day - I get a white screen when using the GDE column search.
The scenario goes like this:

  • Postion cursor in search bar
  • Start typing
  • BOOM! :boom: (white screen)
  • And then a full browser refresh to get things back to normal

I use Chrome browser on MacOS

Anyone else been seeing this?

@mark I know you’d love a video to show this behaviour, but sorry I can’t provide one as I cannot reliably replicate it. It just happens (seemingly) randomly.


Hello @Darren_Murphy
Yes I had the same thing yesterday.

Me in Chrome, Windows 10


I think it matches at the time of the bug that the space key no longer works for column lookup.

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Hi @Mark
I found the bug a bit.

Here is a video.


Every time I type “kl” in this array, Glide crashes.
there is no column with “kl”!

below is the list of my columns containing “k” which is the Last letter !!


@Manu.n could you give me a support link to that app, please?

Yes , Send

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