Many Options in Other Aren't Displaying for Column Type

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Describe the bug:

  • When adding a new column type, I can’t view any other options in the Other section, except Code and Experimental Code within that Code section. It’s happening for all apps in My Apps section. It was working great last week.

I’m also seeing this error message for a number of columns I’ve set up in my app, which are now useless due to this bug. Here’s the screenshot of it below for just one of the columns, which happens to be a Find Element Index column type. When I click on Reload, nothing happens, and when I try clicking on Learn More, it won’t the docs page for Glide Apps.

So a “Find Element Index” column now shows up as “Experimental Code”?

Yeah, I guess because none of the other options besides Experimental Code are popping up for me.

I guess you have submitted a ticket already?

Yes, I submitted a ticket yesterday. No one has responded yet though.

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Is this still an issue? Try clearing your cache.

Also how did you submit a ticket? I can find no tickets or emails under the email that you use to sign into this forum. Support requests should be sent via email to

@George-Glide - see below thread for some additional background on this.

Hi @spencerb

If you make a copy of one of this apps in your My Apps team and transfer it to a new team, do you still see the same issue?