Find Column, space

Cannot use the “space” key in “Find Column”

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@Mark , it is possible to repair !

Me too

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Thank you, we’ll fix it.


Related to this, have you noticed that the cursor often “jumps out” of the column search bar?

ie. You click in the “Find Column” box and start typing. After the 2nd or 3rd character the cursor jumps out of the search box and into the main Glide table view. I’ve actually inadvertently overwritten data because of this :scream: @George-Glide @Mark


Could you show us a video of this, please?

This happens to me All the Time! And the cursor jumps into ‘a column’ and types in the letters I want to type, overwriting values of it is not a computed column. I have taught myself to be extremely careful in the data editor (and still not careful enough).

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I will, but… Murphys Law, I can’t reproduce it now.
As I said, it “often” happens, but not always.
I’ll try and get a video the next time it starts happening

Yes the same for me



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