🆕 Enhanced column search now in production

To bring it up, use Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + F.

Thanks again to the brilliant Glide Team!


We made a mistake - this was not supposed to ship today. There’s at least one known bug where it won’t find all uses of a column, so please don’t rely on it. It’ll ship properly on Friday.


Still, it’s shipping just in time. I was just about to go through one of my more complex apps to determine which columns I really need. I’m hoping to find a lot of columns that don’t have any associated Components or Actions that I can delete.

By far one of the best feature releases this year!!!


Thank you for the notice! Agree with Bob, one of the best features this year, so far!!!

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I’d love & expect to have a :mag: to type, search & pick a Column instead of scroll my entire life down :yum:


These changes are already making my life much easier, so thanks @Mark and @Jason and the Glide team :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Now, one thing that would help even more, and to be consistent, it to allow us to use the column groupings in the UX designer on the bottom left when we look at data.

Now we have a taste of Glide sugar… :wink: Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s this sort of functionality that distances Glide from some of the other options out there. The whole data manipulation bit is just so powerful. So, so useful for bigger projects and projects that you need to revert to after a while for maintenance or update. Great job.


Happy glideversary by the way!


Oh my word … just noticed … that is so crazy.

Ah well, still enjoying this platform and this forum, bring on the next anniversary!

Also great excuse for a long Rosé lunch in the sun! Cheers @Robert_Petitto!


Any chance it could be made ‘cmd + shift + f’ for Mac? - not majorly bothered

Separate thought, this might make sense


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Could you be more specific about what you envision, please?

I’ll work up a mock up :slight_smile:

Taking the way that columns are grouped and shown in the right of the UX
in the data side I would expect the same column groupings…

  • and you click on a group to expand it and see the data in the cells below

So if I was really well organized, I might have a data editor that can see 20 cells with data, and another 10 groupings… and click and I expand 'time/ ’ to reveal below all the data cells for time.

Makes sense I hope :slight_smile:

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I see, you want groups to collapse by default in the data panel?


yes - default collapsed would be ideal.
One reason why I am taking the time to group all the columns in my sheets is to not have to scroll so much, and find things faster. I love the data viewer in the bottom right, and now I am used to the collapsed views on the left, I miss what I do not have on the right. Thanks!

and another place - start collapsed

  • in actions

@Mark_Turrell dont think I agree. If there are only a few column then it could be quite annoying to open a lot of collapsed groups. But you could have a switch somewhere to set the default

I have 300+ columns. I have saved tons of time already with the new way of doing things :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
but is is nice to have the option :slight_smile:

@mark have you considered supporting nesting of grouped columns?

ie. multi-levels of grouping, something like: Basic/Personal/DOB, which would expand to:

  • Basic
    • Personal
      • DOB

I’m not sure whether it would be a good thing or a bad thing, just curious…

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We considered, but thought it best to start with one level and see how people use it to learn more.