Whether glide pages searchable in google

Any idea of glide pages searchable ?

I am not sure if this will answer your question or not but I don’t think Glide pages are currently set up to be used like that.
Based on what has been communicated and what I have seen, it’s more for internal purposes within the company hence its only offered on a Private Pro package.

Now ask yourself this question, if it’s meant to be used internally why would it need to be search engine optimised because it’s meant to be used by a limited number of users who are also white listed and are aware of the page and where to find it.

Coming back to your question though, I don’t think it is…
Apologies for taking the long route to say “No, I don’t think so” :hugs:


What I want is,I’m creating a landing page in pages, which has who we are and what we doing.

In that sense,if someone searches with a name of that pages,whether it comes in the search list?

Thanks for clarifying BUT what I explained above still applies.
Pages are for internal purposes at the moment. That means they are meant to be used by departments within a company for example an HR department can use pages to maintain employee records etc.
Let me try and simplify it this way. For a Private Pro Package, that “Private” is actually meant to be there. It’s for Private Apps what they normally call “Dark Apps” which are not accessed by just anyone but only by those who have access.
You can use pages for what you want but don’t expect it to be Search Engine Optimized because I don’t think that is something glide would invest time in since it’s not meant to be searchable on a search engine.
For purposes that you have mentioned, there are other alternatives that you could use. Carrd, Wix, WordPress with WordPress being the boss in terms of SEO.


Thank you.