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We want to use the new Glide Pages as an SEO feeder site to link to our app. I know the apps are not good at SEO. Are the new Pages product different from the apps allowing Google to index the content?



@Dave_Lalande have you found out anything further on this? We are looking to do the same thing!

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Since Glide Pages are like a Private Pro app, I don’t think it’s the right tool for SEO purposes, since only users who have access will be able to see the data. I don’t think Google will index that as you expect.


Glide Pages do not have to be private. They can be public, just like any website.


Do you mean, David, that in addition to facilitate data management, they could even serve as land pages? (with same GA4 conditions). Or is there specific LP in store and “cooking” in Glide’s “kitchen-lab”?
Thks & sorry if it’s irrelevant.

Oh I wasn’t aware of this based on the pricing section inside a page:
Glide Pages · Glide 2021-11-02 at 4.20.18 PM


Oh yes, for classified/directory app the SEO would be the must. Although, it might be tricky to do server-side rendering right, so an ability to integrate something like could be an interesting solution.

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Hey David - Has there been any update on this? Basic SEO within Glide Pages is a biggy for me :frowning_face:

Bumping this. SEO integration would be a massive help for my app. Right now, I have to maintain two separate products; having some basic SEO functionality in Glide would allow me to invest more of my time in Glide.

Is this on the roadmap at all?

I’m literally sitting in waiting for SEO friendly pages to switch all my websites over to glide, consolidate cost and RPA routines to create SEO friendly websites that seamlessly link to a glide customer portal for my subscription-based software as a service. It will come. Hopefully sometime soon so I can be a millionaire by the time I hit 45!! This year David? :slight_smile:

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Glide applications are and always have been meant to allow businesses to build internal apps for catalogues, directories, processes. We can imagine Glide applications replacing some of our Excel spreadsheets for instance. I don’t think I’d want my spreadsheets to be indexed on search engines however.

If really you do need to drive search traffic to a Glide app, an idea:


What you describe above is simply a difference in use-case is it not? And if apps/pages are for internal purposes, they are behind a login with the appropriate settings so they are not indexed.

It’s advertised and there are setting relating to the fact that you can publish to public, so I fail to see a valid argument.

Whilst I appreciate there is a bit more too it, with a couple of functional enhancements. i.e. ‘page slug’ and a toggle in the settings ‘index’ yes/no - they would meet the needs of both use-cases and widen the scope of Glides audience and use.

As you suggest this is likely a strategic decision, because it’s certainly not because glide pages can’t be made SEO friendly from a functional standpoint.

Glide is just as good if not better and more intuitive than most CMS systems I’ve used from a NoCode perspective. Creating a public facing marketplace with SEO friendly category pages and a seamless login experience for members to manage, post, upvote listings would be a doddle if the glide pages ranked!

Also - I have an another requirement that simply requires about 5 supporting pages for my software as a service project. To have to use two solutions to get any SEO traction is really disappointing.

Glide is innovation. But on this specific subject, it’s more like devastation! :). Fingers crossed for the future!

We won’t improve SEO significantly in 2023.


Dear David,

As the CEO of Glide Apps, I have immense respect for the work you and your team have done so far. However, I would like to make a friendly suggestion regarding the incorporation of SEO capabilities within Glide.

While I understand that Glide is not currently built with a core focus on SEO, I firmly believe that the platform has reached a point where it has the power and potential to integrate SEO effectively. By doing so, Glide could become a one-stop solution for businesses, meeting multiple needs all at once.

I propose that your team seriously considers fast-tracking the development of SEO integration within Glide’s existing capabilities. As the leader of Glide, you have the power to revolutionize the way businesses approach website development and optimization, making Glide an indispensable resource for self-branded businesses.

Imagine the possibilities: a single platform that encompasses an SEO-optimized website, company data, customer app, and CRM. This would not only make Glide an even more attractive option for existing users but would also significantly increase its marketability and growth potential.

In conclusion, I kindly ask that you consider developing this feature internally to unleash Glide’s full potential. By doing so, you’ll be saving us, your users, the trouble of finding alternative solutions while enabling us to sell and promote our businesses more effectively.

Thank you for your time and consideration, David. I am excited to see how Glide continues to evolve and innovate under your leadership.


Hi David,

You should be aware what the Support Chat has to say about supporting SEO.

“Glide supports basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices to help improve the visibility of your app in search engine results. Here are a few ways Glide supports SEO:
Custom Domain: You can use your own custom domain with your Glide app, which can help improve your app’s search engine rankings.
Metadata: Glide allows you to customize the metadata for your app, including the title and description that appear in search engine results. This allows you to optimize your app’s metadata for better search engine visibility.
URL Structure: Glide automatically generates clean and user-friendly URLs for your app’s pages, which can improve search engine rankings.
Mobile Optimization: Glide apps are designed to be mobile-friendly, which is an important factor for search engine rankings, especially for mobile searches.
Performance: Glide apps are optimized for performance, which can positively impact search engine rankings. Fast-loading apps tend to rank higher in search results.
While Glide provides these basic SEO features, it’s important to note that SEO is a complex and ongoing process. To further optimize your app’s SEO, you can also consider implementing additional strategies such as keyword research, content optimization, and link building.
For more information on how to optimize your Glide app for SEO, you can refer to the Glide documentation on SEO best practices: Glide SEO Best Practices
If you have any specific questions or need further assistance with SEO for your Glide app, feel free to ask!.”

It would be helpful if the support team could answer a few basic questions:
1.) If an app has an open “public” facing page with a custom domain, will google/bing, etc. have the ability to crawl it?

2.) The above describes app “Title and Description” can be included in a crawl meta data. True? If so, could a use add HTML meta-tags to the description and would they be seen as html tags?

3.) Are the page 'SLUGS" on a public facing page with a custom domain able to be crawled?

Bottomline, how much of any custom domain public facing pages are capable of being crawled or is all the code behind a firewall?

Thank in advance for a reply.

Very little today. Glide is intended for business software that requires sign-in. If SEO is critical for you, Glide is likely the wrong choice.


David thank you for your quick response. I look forward to the day when Glide is able to better address SEO needs.

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