SEO and glide pagess

Hi gliders, i am thinking of switching my wordpress site over to glide pages. Question: will my content in glide pages be searchable on google? Assuming it’s a public page without sign in. Many thanks!

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The bot likes to make things up sometimes. A page may appear in search results, but I don’t think any of the content is indexed. Really, I don’t think glide is optimized for SEO, and I don’t think it’s their focus either. Glide apps are more geared towards dark apps that aren’t bas public.


Thanks Jeff. It’s a pity, i have two pro apps and all my data managed on a google sheet. Still hopeful one day they will optimise SEO for pages🥲


Some use SEO-optimized website builders to drive traffic to SEO-optimized pages, and from there they link to their Glide projects.


That’s a great suggestion. Thank you

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This information is incorrect.

You can however connect your backend Google Sheets to a different frontend that will power your website. You can also programmatically generate Wordpress pages using Make/Integromat.


That’s what i do.

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