Is my website built in glide pages with 25$ plan


If i built a website in glide pages, whether it will be searchable in in 25$ plan

only for the name of the App, not content… but I might be wrong… just from my experience… when I search google, sometimes my glide app shows… but only when I use keywords that are in my app description, and only with my most popular apps… like code book or templates market…
I would like to hear the real-life experience from another Glide user…

IS it searchable? Yes.
Is it SEO optimized? Absolutely not.
If you’re building a “marketing” website, there are better options than Glide.

However if you’re building something that you don’t mind if you don’t rank on Google, for example my jobs portal Jobs portal with Glide pages, then Glide is a great product.

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I’m building just a single page website and sometimes showing their products.

I will do marketing these things with social media.

I don’t need seo for these websites.

But if someone search by its name in their locality it should show.whether i could do this in glide?