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Just wondering - what has your experience been with getting your Glide pages up the ranks on Google?

I’ve heard that Google Search sometimes isn’t friendly to platforms such as Glide, as it can’t parse the pages straightforwardly.

Is there a general consensus on this? Is anyone willing to share their experience (good and bad!)? And, of course, any tips? :grin:

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Content in Glide can’t be indexed as of today.
So Google can’t show the content of your apps in search results.

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Hi @sardamit - Thanks for your response. Just to be clear: does that mean my Glide page (not necessarily the app) can never appear in Google search results? I have a Google Domain for it, if that makes any difference: MP Second Jobs.

The domain may appear in search results, not the specific contents of your app.
And by app I mean both Glide Apps and Pages.

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What is domain and what is content?

Any example please

This is a domain/sub-domain:

This is a link to a record in the app (Content): Real Estate Listings

You may be able to find a link to the app, but not a link to a particular record in Google Search results.

Hi @sardamit - OK, I think I understand. Thank you. I just want my site to, eventually, appear in the search results if someone googles “UK MP second jobs” (for example). That will be possible then?

You will have to create a marketing landing page for the home page for this to happen.
You could do this with any landing page builder and then submit the website to Google for indexing.

You can then map your app to


Hi @sardamit - I see. So, without creating a landing page (which I assume will then link to my Glide page), there’s no way to get my current Glide page indexed on Google? My website will never appear in search results?


And I searched your website on Google, just to be sure! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help - appreciate the guidance.

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Okay.Thanks Amit ji

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This was what I did: I created a subdomain for my glide app and on the home domain I installed a Wordpress.

In that Wordpress, whether single landing page or multiple, I make it SEO friendly.

I don’t have a live example to show as my clients have pulled the plug on these sites and most of my clients are private apps and dont need the searchability.

Good luck!

Hi @kingzy - Appreciate the response and potential solution. Thanks. If I stick with Glide I may give it a go (this limitation plus some others are making me reconsider…).

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