Google SEO and Glideapps


Are glide apps searchable via Google and other search engines?



Hey @R_TP.

We would like to look at this in future, but at the moment only the name and URL of your app is indexed. The content inside the app is not.


What’s the point if we build an app and no one on google can find it?
just sharing is like a child’s play, showing your friends and that’s it!

I understand this is not a “real application”, it’s just a nicer view of some PWA site, so at least index it!

This is only my opinion and most likely doesn’t cover everyone’s use case, but I feel it would be better to create a website that serves to describe your app and provide a link to it. If I am searching for something, I would rather be taken to a website as opposed to being taken directly into an app. I want to know what I’m getting into before I commit to that ‘Add to Home Screen’ button. All SEO optimization could happen on the website itself.

Obviously this wouldn’t cover the indexing if content that’s inside the app (micro blogs, points of interest, etc ), but would provide for a better launching point into the app for new users.


Launching an app is the perfect opportunity to go and learn webflow and build your own website too… :wink:

+1 @Jeff_Hager


Webflow is definitely the way to go

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Hi all,
Anyone managed to find a way around this or any suggestions.

@K_D: The best way around this is to create a simple landing page to showcase your app and its features as this will not only give your users a nod of what to expect when they access it, but it will also give you SEO opportunities.

This is what we are doing using WordPress because it has excellent SEO plugins, especially as in our case we need to target users in European languages (although our app is primarily in English).

The main reason we are using WP, apart from the seo plugins, is because it was the platform we’d decided to built our site on until we discovered Glide. We’d already installed and implemented it, and started creating our content, so it made sense to stick with it.

Any new Glide apps we launch we will use something simpler such as which has a free plan and 4 methods of publishing your site. It’s a cloud based page builder, very easy to use.

Webflow is great, but I think the learning curve is quite steep and if you’re only using it for simple landing pages then it’s a bit like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, so as to speak (and it’s expensive).

WP is a similarly steep learning curve but we have been very familiar with it for the past few years; it has an array of well established plugins and in my opinion, better for SEO than webflow.

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Just to chip in, I have seems some use seems pretty easy to implement , but that just my humble opinion

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Does carrd have Google SEO? The $19/YEAR sounds heavenly.

@Rosewebstudio: cheers for the tip; looks great - gonna give it a spin this weekend!

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@Robert_Petitto: I’m guessing it does, but in my opinion Brizy.Cloud is better and you cannot beat $0 per year.

Lots of value in their 4 publishing methods - not seen this anywhere else.

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@JackVaughan indexing my pro app content would be amazing for the directory app i’m building.


That’s what I use and it was really easy and flexible. No need to pay at the moment for what I’m using it for.

The rave about progressive web apps is indexing content. I hope to see this soon, possibly to rid of old clunky websites and stick to PWA.